According to statistics, every year, around 220 million tons of waste is produced in the United States alone.  

There are a lot of ways to manage waste. You will even meet several companies who are in the industry of managing your waste, such as rubbish removal Wollongong. This service includes gathering, transportation, and disposal of sewage, garbage, and other waste items in the right manner.  

For those who don’t know, waste disposal offers a lot of solutions for recycling items that can still be used. This is something that all business owners and homeowners should do.  

Here are several well-known ways of disposing waste properly: 

Recycling and Recovery 

The process of getting valuable ignored items for a particular use is called resource recovery. Then, these ignored items are processed to convert them to energy in the form of useable fuel, electricity, or heat. These ignored items are also often processed to recover or extract resources and materials.  

The process of transforming waste items into new products is called recycling. This process helps stop the consumption of fresh raw materials and energy usage. The entire idea of recycling is to preserve natural resources for future use, lower greenhouse gas emissions, lower water and air pollution, lower the volume of landfills, and to lower energy usage.  


The combustion process involves burning public solid waste at extremely high temperature. This will convert the waste into gaseous products and residue. The main advantage of this technique is that it can lower the volume of solid waste around 25% up to 35% of the original volume, lower the stress on landfills, as well as lower space they take up.  

This technique is also known as the thermal treatment where solid waste products are transformed into ash, steam, gas, and heat with the use of burners. These burners are extremely common in areas where there’s no available area for landfills. One great example of this is Japan. 


The most common technique of waste disposal is the concept of throwing day-to-day waste straight in the landfills. This method is still utilized as of today. This technique focuses on burying the waste underneath the ground. This method is extremely popular in developing countries. Of course, before the waste is placed into the ground, they will have to do a particular process to get rid of the dangers and odors of waste. While this is the most well-known type of waste disposal, it is definitely not the best method.  

Fortunately, landfills are becoming less and less nowadays. The reason for this is that there is already a scarcity of available space. In addition to that, it provides a strong presence of methane and other harmful gasses. These gasses can give rise to many contamination problems. Furthermore, landfills are a source of water and air pollution that influences our environment in an extremely huge way and can even prove to be dangerous to the lives of animals and humans. Nowadays, a lot of countries are changing from landfills to other types of waste disposal methods.